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Friday, August 13, 2004

back in Tokyo

So I'm back in Tokyo again finally after a long absence, and I'm pretty happy about it. I've been in rural Japan for the last few years, and it's satisfying, as jobless as I am right now, to finally be back here.

I guess I've kind of denied the difference between Tokyo and rural Japan. But the longer I'm here in Tokyo the more I can see the difference between the two.

I guess that's kind of a blanket statement, and I really can't get very specific right now. One thing that comes to mind is the fact that where I was, Miyazaki, there was a style that guys were wearing layered tank tops. In Tokyo they don't do that. I will admit that it did look kind of hickish, but less so to my sensibilities than perhaps to some Japanese or other foreigners.

I went rollerblading around my neighborhood yesterday while running some errands, and it just felt so nice to be in Tokyo. I good feeling because the first time I came here, to Tokyo that is, I really disliked it. But I feel as if I've finally found a way of living in Japan that I've very happy with. I feel settled here for once. Perhaps that's a dangerous thing.

I've also come to like starbucks in my time in Japan. In the states I usually refuse to go, but for lack of anything better here, it's just become default if they have it where I am at the time.

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Last Day

So this is my last day in Nobeoka as a CIR. Things have been kind of normal at the end here. My replacement, Jennifer, ,is Irish, from Dublin, and seems to be mixing well with the other folks in the soumuka. My supervisor, as usual, is a flurry of business and worridom, but it's endearing so it's ok.

Heading off to Tokyo, and I'm still jobless. Looking for work, and hoping for the best at this point.

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